Room 1

The Asylum

The story of Amy who lost her whole family due to a tragic fire. Everybody blamed her and she ended up being admitted to our Asylum. But was she really responsible?
Things are not always as they seem….
Try to find out what happened, if you can make it till the end, that is!

35% doesn't make it €100 per room
2-7 people
Room 2

The apple of my eye

Rumours of Alfred Hitchcock mentally abusing his lead actresses have been circling for years. Locking them in dark rooms for days, not letting them have contact with the outside world, not letting them eat for days, are among a few of the many allegations made against the "Master of Suspense,” But is there any truth to this? Follow our lead actress during the filming of one of his last masterpieces. She might need your help!

50% Doesn't make it €100 per room
2-7 people

The Experience

You have exactly 1 hour to find and solve the hidden clues and puzzels that will eventually help lead you to your possible ESCAPE!

Both of our room are equipped with state of the art light & sounding effects to make your experience even more unforgettable!

We are wheelchair accessible, but unfortunately advise against entering our rooms if you suffer from epilepsy and/or claustrophobia.

Let yourself get locked in one of our 2 unique escape rooms with a team of friends, family or colleagues.

Our escape rooms are great for a teambuilding event, bachelor(ette) party or anybody who is looking for a fun experience.

Guests are more than welcome to help themselves to a beverage in our reception and enjoy our free Wi-Fi.

Super Cool Game

I went to Asylum together with my boyfriend. This was my 6th time at an escape room, and most certainly it was the scariest one for me! The decoration, sounds effects and lights made a great combination. I kept jumping around in between solving the puzzles. It has my full recommendation!


Absolutely awsome

Very nice and wonderful creepy escape room. It was very spooky and the puzzles where absolutely great. We where there with a group of friends on a bachelor party and it was so much fun to do! Really would recommend it!

Joyce K

Great Escape room experience 😀

We booked "The Asylum" room and just didn't make it. Nevertheless we had an awesome time trying to solve all the puzzles. Once we needed more help because we were totally stuck and we got further advice. The room is set up cool, fascinating and very entertaining.


Best location in Amsterdam

Only 300m from the Anne Frank House

10 min Public Transportation from the Rijksmuseum

1 km from the Red Light District

900m walk from Dam square