The Apple of my Eye

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Rumours of Alfred Hitchcock mentally abusing his lead actresses have been circling for years. Locking them in dark rooms for days, not letting them have contact with the outside world, not letting them eat for days, are among a few of the many allegations made against the "Master of Suspense,” But is there any truth to this? Follow our lead actress during the filming of one of his last masterpieces. She might need your help!
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Allegation #1

“Hedren allegedly spent five days filming the scene with live birds being thrown at her and attached to her body with elastic bands. Hedren says she broke down when a bird that had been attached to her shoulder almost pecked her in the eye, and she spent the following week in bed, exhausted.”

Hedren: “I was still under contract to him for two more years, and Hitchcock refused to allow me to take work with other directors. This, combined with studios’ reluctance to antagonise Hitchcock, meant that my career never recovered. Studios were the power, And I was at the end of that, and there was absolutely nothing I could do legally whatsoever. There were no laws about this kind of a situation. If this had happened today, I would be a very rich woman.”

Kelly: ‘Hitchcock put me in a mental prison’

“I had to get out of there,” she recalls. “I was dealing with one of the most powerful men in motion pictures and it was difficult, embarrassing and insulting. He said, ‘If you leave, I’ll ruin your career.’ And he did. 

“To be the object of someone’s obsession is horrible,” she said. “It was a form of stalking. He had my handwriting analysed, he had me followed, and it was as if I was being engulfed by him.” 

“He was particularly fond of reciting dirty limericks and crude jokes on set. Some of them were terribly filthy and I didn’t want them in my head,” she said. 

“I got over Hitchcock a long time ago because I wasn’t going to allow my life to be ruined because of it,” she said. It was like I was in a mental prison, but now it has no effect on me. I did what I had to do to deal with it.”

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